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GnRH analogues and Reproductive Medicine. Vol. 11

GnRH analogues and Reproductive Medicine. Vol. 11

R. G. Edwards, H. Beard, J. P. W. Vermeiden

  1. Състояние
  2. Цена
    75,00 лв.
Налична в София - виртуален щанд "Словото"
  1. Категория
    Медицина и биология
  2. Издателство
    Oxford University Press
  3. Град на издаване
    New Jersey
  4. Година
  5. Страници
  6. Език
  7. Наличност
    1 бр.
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  9. Ключови думи
    Volume 11 Supplement 3 November 1996, GnRH analogues and Reproductive Medicine
Ще платите само една доставка, ако поръчате още книги от същия виртуален щанд - "Словото".
The European Society for Human Reproduction (ESHRE) Ferring symposia in
1993, 1994 and 1995 held during the annual meetings of ESHRE covered various
viewpoints on endometriosis, myomas and the optimalization of drug regimens
for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and its consequences for assisted reproduction. These papers have been updated, and are presented here in one volume.
The reader is kindly invited to balance these different approaches.
Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues were primarily used for
the treatment of sex steroid-dependent carcinomas and the absolute suppression
of luteinizing hormone (LH) was a necessity. When other indications emerged,
such as the prevention of the mid-cycle LH surge and the treatment of
endometriosis and leiomyomata uteri, it was automatically assumed that the same
high doses would suffice. It is clear now that lower doses are indicated for these
The chapters on the ectopic endometrium show clearly that there is still much
to be unveiled about on this phenomenon and there is a debate on the topic in
this volume.
The chapters on optimalization of drug regimens for controlled ovarian
hyperstimulation illustrate once again the complexity of interactions of various
types in the ovary and the effects of medical treatments. These chapters will be
a great help when considering the use of GnRH agonists or GnRH antagonist
for pituitary suppression.
The views expressed in this book remain the responsiblity of the authors of
each chapter. We gratefully thank Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH for their generous
support in the production of this volume and Professor R.G. Edwards and the
staff at the editorial office of Human Reproduction for their help and efforts in
the publication of this volume.
Jan P.W.Vermeiden

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