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How to Fold
  1. How to Fold (Допълнителна снимка 1)
  2. How to Fold (Допълнителна снимка 2)
  3. How to Fold (Допълнителна снимка 3)

How to Fold

Laurence Withers

  1. Състояние
    Много добро
  2. Цена
    30,00 лв.
Налична в София - виртуален щанд "Toivo"
  1. Категория
    Техническа литература
  2. Издателство
    The Pepin Press
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    Неизползвана книга. + CD.
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    1 бр.
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    how to fold
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Introduction in English 5

Einführung auf deutsch 11

Introduction en français 17

Introducción en Espahol 23

Introduzione in Italiano 29

Introduçào em Português 35

xxxxxxxx 41

xxxxxxxxx 47

Designs 54-407

Free CD-Rom in the inside back cover

An introduction to How to Fold and Folding Patterns for Display and Publicity
The guiding principle in the design of this book is to make each design idea clear and easily understandable. For that reason, a visual step-by-step approach has been chosen from flat sheet(s) on each left hand page, to finished product on each right hand page.

The flat patterns are ali in die-cut outline. Folding lines are indicated with long dots, perforation lines with small dots, and die cuts within the model with thin, straight lines.

Glueing is often needed, and sometimes optional. The choice of glue is often subject to preference and technical capabilities; possibilities are plain, liquid glue, (double-sided) tape, and wafer seals. In designs where glueing is essential, areas to be glued are indicated with shading.


The die-cut form of each design is stored on the accompanying CD-Rom in eps vector format, both for Mac and Windows. Software programs in which images can be imported, will allow you to access, scale and print the designs from the CD-Rom.

Flowever, greatest flexibility to work with the designs digitally is offered by illustration programmes, such as Adobe Illustrator, Aldus Freehand and others, as these allow you to adapt the dimensions of the digital files
completely to your own specific requirements.


The choice of material for the designs featured in this book depends on the size and application of the design. For example, a large pocket folder meant to carry a heavy report would be made of a sturdy type of board, whereas for a small flyer a light paper could be used.

Many of the designs in this collection can be done on a folding machine, others are too elaborate and must be folded by hand. Standard folding machines can make four separate folds in one go. Furthermore, with additional folding machine extensions, the number of folds that can be completed automatically is considerable. In addition, there are folding machines that can score, perforate and glue at the same time as they fold. A successful fold is determined in two ways: fold quality and fold strength. The quality of the fold refers to its appearance, while the strength is measured by how many times a piece of paper can be folded back and forth before breaking. There are several factors in achieving the highest quality and strongest folds. These
Introduction in English


How to Fold is a unique step-by-step manual, containing hundreds of great folding ideas and ready-to-use designs, and is an essential tool for anyone involved in the fields of graphic and industrial design, advertising, and printing.

All patterns are stored in eps vector format on the enclosed CD-Rom. They may be used freely to create new designs, and can be scaled and modified to suit any conceivable purpose.
Also available: Folding Patterns for Display and Publicity with hundreds more folding patterns, and Structural Package Design with hundreds of patterns for any type of packaging you can think of.
genero qu о a passe lentes id zar dobras tos a ser u ferrament is os que tr, Jesenho gr iaL oublicii
Métodos. de pliegue es un manual unico que detalla, paso a paso y de forma sencilla, còrno realizar mas de cien disenos prâcticos de plegado, y constituye una herramienta esencial para los profesionales de la publici-dad, la impresión, o el diseho grafico e industrial.

Todos los disefios incluidos en el libro se encuentran en el CD-Rom adjunto en formato vectorial EPS. Pueden utilizarse para crear nuevos disenos, y es posible modificarlos y cambiar su tamano para adaptarlos a las necesidades especfficas de cada profesional.
Otros tîtulos: Disenos de pliegues para presentaciones y publicidad, con cientos de disefios de pliegue mas, y Disenos de estructuras para embalajes, con multitud de disefios para todo tipo de paquet

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