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Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice
  1. Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (Допълнителна снимка 1)

Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Stewart R. Clegg, Martin Kornberger, Tyrone Pitsis

  1. Състояние
  2. Цена
    6,00 лв.
Налична в София - виртуален щанд "Витошки"
  1. Категория
    Мениджмънт и човешки ресурси
  2. Издателство
    Sage Publications
  3. Град на издаване
  4. Година
    2009 г.
  5. Страници
  6. Забележка
    Използвана книга; подчертавано на места с текст маркер; ЛИПСВАТ 14 листа (8-ма глава); леко захабен външен вид.
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    1 бр.
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  13. Дебелина (мм)
  14. ISBN
  15. Ключови думи
    книги на английски език, мениджмънт
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This book informs, fascinates, and, inspires Readers to Explore Further...Now live - the Second Edition's all new companion website for extra resources for instructors and their students.
'This is an exciting book. It covers the most important concepts in good currency. The coverage is based on the best and most relevant research. It connects with practical problems. It is written in language that is clear and accessible. It contains innovative exercises to help the readers expand their knowledge beyond simply reading this book' - Chris Argyris, James B. Conant Professor Emeritus, Harvard University and Monitor Group.

Preview the Second Edition's opening chapters and guide to its teaching and learning features designed to stimulate student engagement with the content here. The eagerly-awaited Second Edition of this successful, highly-praised textbook continues to provide an original and engaging introduction to organizational behaviour. Watch Stewart Clegg's video on how the Second Edition will inform, fascinate and inspire readers to explore further. New to the Second Edition: six new chapters for coverage of all essential topics, including - individuals, teams and groups, human resource management, ethics and corporate social responsibility; and, new learning features including boxed sections, case studies, and marginal definitions, to ensure students explore key themes and truly engage with contemporary debates. The Second Edition relates theory to practice at every step to equip students with a real understanding of how to apply organizational behaviour ideas in the real world. Student-friendly case studies, examples and boxed features will stimulate and challenge students, encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills. The engaging writing style, extensive learning features, and innovative approach collectively make the Second Edition of "Managing and Organizations" an outstanding textbook, and one that students will find an insightful guide to help them navigate through the complex and dynamic field of organizational behaviour, management and organization studies.

The All-New Companion Website is now live! Resources for instructors: a password-protected Instructors' Manual is provided on the website with teaching notes, including - A Tutors' Guide indicating how the subject might best be taught with insights into debriefing the exercise and case studies found within the textbook; assessment Resources: A wide range of multiple choice, short- and long-answer assessment questions with test generation capabilities. This section also includes model answers for long- and short-answer questions; teaching Resources: An array of extra case studies, and in-class exercises with methods and debriefing sheets, to aid in the quality of the learning experience for students; PowerPoint Slides: PowerPoint slides for each chapter for use in class are also provided in the Instructor's Manual on the website. The slides can be edited by instructors to suit teaching styles and needs. Teacher Interaction Portal: A portal direct to the authors for textbook - related feedback, continuous improvement, recommendations, case contributions, and general Q&A.Resources for students.

Online Readings: Full access is provided to selected journal articles related to each chapter, summaries of which are given on the website and at the end of each chapter; Links to Relevant Websites: Direct links to related websites for each chapter are provided as appropriate; Flashcard Glossary: The full glossary for Managing and Organizations is online in flashcard format. You can use these flashcards to test your knowledge and revise the key concepts in the text; Interactive Multiple Choice Questions: A sample of selective multiple choice questions are available for students to test and challenge themselves. Interaction Portal: Direct access to the authors to offer your own pictures that you believe represent key concepts, to communicate your glowing praise, or suggestions for improvements, and general Q&A. In the News: From time-to-time, as topical events occur that are of interest to the global readers of Managing and Organizations, one or other of the authors will explain why, in their view, the concerned citizen needs to listen to social science ideas from organizations. Praise for the second edition: 'The book is a true pleasure to read! It is an excellent 'travel guide to the world of management', not only because of its wealth of detailed information and insight, but also because it makes you want to travel! Don't leave home without it! And if you don't go, read it at home!'- Kristian Kreiner, Copenhagen Business School and Director, Center for Management Studies of the Building Process, Realdania Research. 'Written as a 'realist's guide to management', it pictures organizations as they are in the 'real world': alive, paradoxical, emotional, insecure, self-confident, responsible, irresponsible.

This book, in other words, contains life, the life of organizations. To read this book is to live that life' - Miguel Pina e Cunha, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. '"Managing and Organizations" is a real adventure...it is a novel, innovative and unconventional textbook, which will not only inform but will also entertain...a real 'must' in understanding the process of management and organizational behavior' - Professor Cary L Cooper, CBE, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School, and Editor in Chief of the "Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management". 'By moving from the individual to the globalization level, students are introduced to the complexities of managing and organizing.Critical and practical, scholarly and aesthetically enjoyable' - Richard Weiskopf, Department of Organization and Learning, School of Management, Innsbruck University. 'While obviously meant as a travel guide - a thorough and detailed manual for the beginners, it offers many unexpected insights and pearls of wisdom even for the most seasoned travelers interested in knowledge of and about management' - Barbara Czarniawska, M.A., E.D, Professor of Management Studies, Goteborg University. 'This textbook does the impossible: it presents the latest, most complex and most unexpected research findings, it integrates critical perspectives that challenge managerial preconceptions, and it does all this with clear language and a focus on making knowledge useful. It is no wonder that business school faculty, students, and executives throughout the globe have chosen this as their preferred text' - Joanne Martin, Merrill Professor of Organizational Behavior, Emeritus, at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

'This book is both scholarly and fun. It may even give textbooks a good name!I thoroughly recommend it to all students and lecturers who want something more enjoyable, insightful and enduringly satisfying than Mcmanagement takeaways or force-fed ivory tower correctness' - Dr Richard J. Badham, Professor of Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney. 'Organizations are complicated and dynamic. This book for future and current managers does not simplify organizations but instead provides concepts, maps, examples, knowledge bits and cases which invite and deepen understanding of the complexity of organizations and organizing. The book is up-to-date yet historically grounded. It is easy to read yet richly textured. It maps the territory of organizational studies in clear and useful ways. Its lively format, excellent examples, and topical coverage make it a unique and highly relevant text for becoming a thoughtful practitioner of organizations' - Jane Dutton, Robert L Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, University of Michigan. 'In an age where there is saturation of textbooks on managing and organizing, particularly due to their limited impact on management practice, this book provides a truly refreshing perspective. It navigates readers through the art of travel, to learn to manage the unmanageable. It does so by focusing on the powerful connections that need to be made as a number of levels of analysis (macro, meso, micro) and in doing so, it embraces the complexity of managing in its full glory. The focus on practices particularly in section 2 provides a critical bridge between what for many years we have encouraged students to take as a given, as opposed to encourage them to discover. For its truly unique pedagogical approach that cares to engage learners in exploration, this textbook marks an important departure in our efforts to make managing and organizing rigorous, relevant and actionable' - Elena Antonacopoulou, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, University of Liverpool Management School.

'This book is a delight to engage with. It is creative, involving, wise, practical and funny. It makes the learning process a successful and entertaining treasure hunt but is firmly based in rigorous theory and research. It is exactly the kind of inspiring and innovative text which students yearn for but all too rarely find' - Professor Michael West, Executive Dean, Aston Business School. 'A textbook on managing thinking and practice that takes the reader into 'real life', within and outside organizations. It is conceived as a travel guide that allows to connect and make connections between what is already known and what may be discovered and enjoyed during the voyage. It is friendly and challenging, simple and complex at the same time.And, most important, it is faithful: it delivers what is promised in the first lines of its introduction' - Silvia Gherardi, University of Trento, Italy. '"Managing and Organizations" succeeds at being practical and honest in its treatment of working in and with organizations. It challenges students to build their competencies and insights step-by-step while deepening their awareness of opportunities for genuine achievement while working through workplace conflicts and politics' - Denise M. Rousseau, H.J.Heinz II Professor of Organizational Behavior and Public Policy Director, Project on Evidence-based Organizational Practices Carnegie Mellon University. 'While reading it I said to myself, 'it is so much easier for students to get an introduction to the field when they are helped and challenged at the same time." It is a pleasure to read the text' - Dr Mads Hermansen, Copenhagen Business School. 'The writing style was very clear and accessible - the text is covering some complex ideas at a fairly detailed and advanced level, but it doesn't confuse or befuddle...It's different, engaging, and critical! Well done' - Mairi Watson, De Montfort University.


Table of Contents

Introducing the Field of Managing and Organizations

PART ONE Managing People in Organizations

1 Managing Individuals
2 Managing Teams and Groups
3 Managing Leading, Coaching, and Motivating
4 Managing Human Resources
5 Managing Cultures

PART TWO Managing Organizational Practices

6 Power, Politics, and Decision-Making Organizations
7 Managing Communications
8 Menaging Knowledge and Learning (ОТКЪСНАТИ са 14 листа)
9 Managing Innovation and Change
10 Managing Sustainably; Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

PART THREE Managing Organizational Structures and Processes

12 Managing Bureaucracy
13 Managing Organizational Design
14 Managing Globalization

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