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The Old Colonial System. Part 1: 1660-1688. Vol. 1-2
  1. The Old Colonial System. Part 1: 1660-1688. Vol. 1-2 (Допълнителна снимка 1)
  2. The Old Colonial System. Part 1: 1660-1688. Vol. 1-2 (Допълнителна снимка 2)

The Old Colonial System. Part 1: 1660-1688. Vol. 1-2

George Louis Beer

  1. Състояние
    Много добро
  2. Цена
    78,00 лв.
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  1. Категория
    История, археология, краезнание
  2. Издателство
  3. Град на издаване
    New York
  4. Година
  5. Антикварна
  6. Страници
  7. Забележка
    Почти отлично състояние. Без забележки.
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  9. Наличност
    1 бр.
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Първо издание.

Although Beer planned to deal first with the origins of the colonial system, he found that his notes on the eighteenth century were more extensive than those relating to the earlier period. Consequently the volume which he intended as the last of the series, British Colonial Policy 1754-1765, appeared first (1907). The introductory volume, The Origins of the British Colonial System, 1578-1660. came out in 1908; and in 1912 after spending six more months of research in England, he published The Old Colonial System 1660-1688 in two volumes which were to constitute the first part of an examination of colonial policy from 1660 to 1754. The final parts were to bring him to the period encompassed in his first volume thus completing his study of the British colonial system. He intended to deal with the period from 1688 to 1754 in three additional parts of two volumes each. But before he could begin these final volumes of his work World War I had begun, and Beer became convinced that he should not persevere in the study of the eighteenth century at a time when western civilization faced the crisis of the twentieth century. He abandoned his great project, unfortunately never to take it up again.
Charles Andrews has noted that, although Beer's contribution to history is incomplete, it is "a torso, powerfully built, rugged, and superb even in its unfinished state; but it is not incomplete in the lesson it teaches, the standards it maintains, and the method it applies." His greatest contribution to colonial history was a new point of view which considered the British interests in colonization rather than limiting this study to an examination of the origins of American national development. Beer was also the first to use new materials— the reports and statistics of seventeenth and eighteenth century officials of the colonial system—to follow the ideas gradually forming in men’s minds and the attempts to put these into practice.

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