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Shipping abroad

На български

Dear book friends from abroad,

"Knizhen pazar" provides deliveries to the whole world via Bulgarian Post. The delivery period after sending the package is between 5 and 10 workdays depending on the destination country.


1. Making an order

Please click on the button "Поръчай" (Order) to the chosen book (books), and on the second step choose "Държава" (Country) from the drop-down menu. The page will reload and you will be able to choose your preferred payment method.

On the next step enter in English the address data of the receiver. All input fields are required except "Район/Квартал" (Region/Housing complex).

The last step is "Преглед" (Preview). Make sure your ordered items and delivery data are correct. Finally, click the "Изпрати" (Send) button to finalize the order.

2. Confirmation and order payment

Look forward for the bookseller to confirm or reject the order in 3 days.

After the confirmation you can exchange messages with the bookseller through "Поръчано от мен" (Ordered by me) - "Изпрати съобщение" (Send a message). Тhe bookseller will send you there a message with the final amount due and the information for making a payment.

3. Sending, tracking and receiving a package

When the payment is received by the bookseller, s/he will send the package and s/he will message you with the tracking code (barcode). We recommend that you send him/her a message when you receive the books, so that s/he can mark the order as completed and move it to "Моите закупени книги" (My purchased books).


More information to support the ordering from abroad:

1. All payment taxes are paid by the buyer along with the main payment.

2. To see the sending prices of small packages (up to 5 kg) please have a look at the website of Български пощи (Bulgarian Post) - http://www.bgpost.bg/bg/calculator . Have in mind that all packages for abroad are sent "С препоръка"(With tracking) and "С предимство" (With priority).

This text is inseparable part of the Terms of Service of Knizhen Pazar Ltd.

To contact the team behind Knizhen Pazar, please use - Contact Us (За контакт).

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